Review Pixel Buds 2

As Google introduced its new true wireless Pixel Buds 2 for 179 US dollars, they were like a big improvement over the first options. The Pixel Buds, which were released three years ago, came with a cord between them and got different reviews thanks to their new design and middling sound.

Coming with a new audio system on a chip manufactured by Qualcomm, hands-free approach to virtual assistants will become more true wireless earbuds. It is effective enough to work with the Google Pixel 4 XL, with Google Assistant being able to reply quickly to your voice commands. You can approach this Assistant just by tapping and holding either the right or the left earbud.

After being integrated in the first Pixel Buds, the Google Translate featurge now returns once again with the Pixel Buds 2. This is an only feature for Android device. You can tell Google Assistant to help you speak whatever lanuage you want it to, with more than 40 languages supported. You just need to tap and hold the right or left earbud and start speaking in the language turned up in the list.

Your phone then starts to translate and read out low what you have just said in your chosen language. Before the person you are making a call with starts to speak, you can tap on the right microphone in Google Translate and then their response will start to be translated into your language and played back via the Pixel Buds. It works truly effectively and quickly, especially if you are in quiet place because the person talking to you has to listen to your translated language via your, which means there will be some volume limitations. phone’s speakers

There is also a platform for non-Pixel Android devices, with Pixel phones, it is equipped directly into the system. However, there is no app for iOS devices, which is a big drawback here. You can still take advantage of these features with iPhones or Macs like standard Bluetooth headphones. However, you are going to lose some additional features such as the always-on Google Assistant.

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