The best smart home devices of 2020

Last but not least, the device enables you to issue some specific voice commands even when there is no Internet connection while the response times are faster.

 Amazon Echo Dot (the 3rd generation): the best smart speaker

The entry – level Echo Dot from Amazon is the biggest competitor of Google Home Mini speaker, but with the release of the newer Google Nest Mini, both of which may be a tie here. They will run you around 50 US dollars on a normal day and you can find both of them coming with some discounts often.

The two voice assistants are now effective. Amazon has equipped more skills and support for more third-party devices, yet the number of both voice platforms are in a huge number.

Google Assistant is good at understanding the natural flow of daily conversations, but the difference is that it can not be easily noticed in your daily interaction with every speaker. As usual, you may ask a smart speaker to tell you the weather, to set a timer or have it play one or two songs. Both devices excel at those capabilities.

Google Nest Mini: another best smart speaker

The new Nest Mini smart speaker from Google has also been upgraded from the older version, the Google Home Mini.

First and foremost, Google bettered the audio quality in the Nest Mini, providing its bass output with more oomph. It also equipped the device with a wall mounting notch to the underside if you like. There is a new detection method making use of the speaker and microphone to decide your proximity to the Nest Mini, which is aimed at triggering LED indicators by which you can take more advantage of the physical volume controls.

The most prominent point found in the Nest Mini would be the machine learning chip integrated inside the small speaker. Thanks to the chip, Nest Mini is able to learn the commands you give to it, and then it will start to process those commands quickly and locally instead of relying on the servers of Google.


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