The best tablets used for remote learning in 2020

Tablets have been more popular during the Corona virus pandemic as every person needs to have a device for entertaining, learning or working remotely. In 2020, Apple has also updated its products.

For instance, the Pro and Air models are made with really strong processors, enabling functionalities such as photo editing, which you used to be able to find on computers and laptops.

An effective affordable option: the latest iPad (10.2 inches, 8th generation)

Apple just remade its entry-level iPad for 2020, with a new faster chip while still keeping the base price for nearly 330 US dollars with the 32-GB Wi-Fi version. The most important thing to know about this device is that the 10.2-inch iPad will provide you with a smooth experience and approach to the wealthy library of platforms. It still supports for a connector-attached smart keyboard and the 1st generation Apple Pencil, which turns it into an ideal device for remote learning.

iPad Pro 2020: the best tablet for creative users

Updated for this year, the latest version of the Apple iPad Pro provides a better rear camera array as well as a lidar sensor for augmented reality features. However, the biggest update would be the software, which now provides support for laptop trackpads. But in order to make full use of that upgrade, you will need to have an Apple’s Magic Keyboard Case for iPad Pro, which tends to be rather expensive.

Moreover, this device is really outstanding, with a really fast and efficient performance, Face ID, USB Type – C, long-lasting battery life, retina display and the best processor together with the best design from Apple. This Apple tablet is considered to be the most effective drawing tablets, especially if it is used along with the Apple Pencil from 2018. The iPad Pro is now available in two options, 11 inches and 12.9 inches.

If you are looking for an 11-inch iPad Pro, you should take a look at this new iPad Air 2020, featuring a similar design but newer processor.

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