Which smart home devices you should buy in 2020

But without it, the Nest Hub is still the best choice, being an ideal combination of a voice assistant and a display interface.

Google Nest Hub: the best smart display

Amazon has already released the smart display on the Echo Show and Google is not falling behind with the new Nest Hub coming with a new design and a new solution to leverage the voice assistant.

You can receive the same Google Assistant features in the Nest Hub which you can get with the Google Home speaker line, as well as a screen interface providing you with the right amount of visual feedback. It will let you see your spoken commands so you can know whether Google heard you right or wrong. Moreover, the device will also provide you with recipes for many famous cooking websites whereas working effectively with other smart home cameras or video doorbells supported by Google in order to show the camera feeds on the display.

Google also chose to include a video camera on the Hub, which was aimed at privacy and security problems. This new feature could then prompt Amazon to include a manual video shutter on its new device – Echo Show 5. If you are looking for a smart display based on Google in order to make video chats, a few third-party options can satisfy

Amazon Echo Show 8: the best smart display for Alexa

The mid-tier smart display from Amazon is among the best choice in its line. Costing only 130 US dollars, the Echo Show 8 offers a great quality of audio, a highly – visible screen as well as a good privacy concern with a physical shutter that can be slid over the camera. The interface on this device is also better than the Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. Those Google Assistant displays also let you see useful video thanks to the voice-activated You Tube integration, which you are not able to find on other devices from Amazon. And after all, if you are committed to an Alexa ecosystem, go with this option.

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